Raman Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Osteoarthritis

The early stages of osteoarthritis (OA) represent a critical clinical window when therapeutics may be most effective at halting cartilage degeneration. However, the ability to diagnose early OA remains a major clinical challenge, as conventional imaging platforms are only suited for diagnosing its later stages, after irreversible cartilage erosion has occurred.  


An exciting new project in the Albro Lab is the use of Raman spectroscopy to develop the first-ever platform to diagnose the earliest stages of OA. Through a collaborative effort with the Bergholt Lab of Kings College London (www.bergholtlab.com) and Dr. Brian Snyder (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), we have developed a novel intra-articular, hypodermic-needle-based Raman probe to achieve an “optical biopsy” of cartilage composition and structure. Through multivariate data analytics, this Raman diagnostic platform can perform the first ever comprehensive assessment of the hallmark degenerative changes associated with early OA, including: 1) depletion of GAG from the cartilage ECM, 2) alignment loss of collagen fibers in the superficial zone, 3) cartilage swelling, and 4) initial levels of cartilage erosion. The diagnostic platform is portable, safe, rapid, easy-to-implement, and low cost. 


Overall, this system can serve as: 1) a valuable clinical and pre-clinical research tool to evaluate the efficacy of novel OA therapeutics, and 2) in the future, an outpatient-based real-time diagnostic platform to guide treatment based on OA grade and stage.

Schematic of multiplex polarized hypodermic-needle-based probe for biochemical analysis of cartilage. [courtesy of Magnus Jensen]
Hypodermic Raman needle probe performing OA diagnostic on bovine wrist joint.
Multivariate analysis for decomposition of cartilage ECM constituent levels (glycosaminoglycans [GAG], collagen [COL], and water [H2O]) in cartilage for diagnostics of tissue health.  

Recent News

May 2020:  The Albro and Bergholt Labs publish a new Raman paper in Optics Letters

May 2020:  Congratulations to Sung Yeon Kim for receiving the Earle and Mildred Bailey Memorial Award and the Adam Miller Award

May 2020:  Congratulations to the year's Albro Lab graduating seniors:  Sung Yeon Kim, Maggie Wu, and Zhonghao Dai

March 2020:  The Albro Lab is awarded the 2020 MSE Innovation Grant

February 2020:  The Albro and Bergholt Labs present their work on Raman spectroscopy for early OA diagnostics at SPIE Photonics West and the ORS Annual Meeting

February 2020:  Sedat Dogru and Nicholas Simone present abstracts of their work at the 2020 ORS Annual Meeting

January 2020:  Congratulations to Tianbai Wang (Materials Science) and Sedat Dogru (Mechanical Engineering) for passing their qualifying exams