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The Growth Factor Mechanobiology Lab investigates an exciting, growing area of mechanobiology: the role of mechanical and extracellular interactions on the activity of growth factors in musculoskeletal tissues. Current research avenues focus on the following key areas: 1) understanding the role of mechanobiological phenomena on the development and degeneration of musculoskeletal tissues, 2) developing insight-based drug delivery platforms to halt the progression of tissue degeneration, 3) developing tissue engineering platforms to repair degenerated musculoskeletal tissues, and 4) spectroscopy-based diagnostics of connective tissue degeneration. The lab consists of a highly multidisciplinary environment with state of the art work performed in the areas of biomechanics, biochemistry, spectroscopy, and biomaterials science. 

Research Projects:

mechanobiology icon.jpg
Tissue Engineering icon.jpg

Force-induced activation of growth factors

Scaffold growth factor conjugation

Transport Modeling icon.jpg

Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery icon.jpg

Targeted delivery of growth factor inhibitors

Reaction diffusion models of growth factors in engineered and native connective tissue

Raman Icon.jpg

Intra-articular Raman spectroscopy diagnostics

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