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Welcome to the Albro Lab

The Albro Lab is a multidisciplinary orthopaedics research group that studies degenerative disorders of the synovial joint. Our work incorporates disciplines of biomechanics, mechanobiology, tissue engineering, and photonics in order to understand the pathophysiology of tissue degeneration, develop novel diagnostic modalities, and advance novel treatments into the clinic. 

Recent News

May 2022: Congratulations to this year's graduating seniors: Andy Zhang and Gabriela Alba!

April 2022: Congratulations to the Albro Lab undergraduates awarded summer fellowships: Farida Korea, Junhan Liao, Nicholas Mauro, Yutong Deng, and Halide Haciguzeller!

April 2022: Masumeh Kazemi and Sedat Dogru present at the 48th Northeast Bioengineering Conference. 


February 2022: Tianbai Wang, Dev Mehrotra, and Masumeh Kazemi present at the 2022 Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting.


February 2022: Prof. Albro presents at the Closer Look Biomechanics Journal Club.


December 2021: Sedat Dogru completes his PhD prospectus on reaction-diffusion modeling of TGF-beta in cartilage. Congrats Sedat!


December 2021: Tianbai Wang completes her PhD prospectus on cartilage tissue engineering. Congrats Tianbai!